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From the same admin of NanoBlock:This is my 2nd Program SANOX.IO — my first program nanoblock.or and still paying over 140 Days, It wasnt a big project but still paying instantly. i have decided to make another program that will be more exciting and fun earning for longterm. I will be promoting SANOX heavily during the prelaunch.
Below will explain more about how worksIt’s simple to earn money on, you purchase advertisement credits, for that you can earn up to 130% return, daily you will earn an amount no higher then 2% as a passive from total purchases of website, you also earn beside that daily you earn $0.001 for every click made on your ad from the users ( to boost your earning! you can purchase featured advertisement to be on the top of the ads page so more users click your ad ) and also you will earn $0.0001 of your referral clicks on the ads, these earnings from clicks will also be added to your purchases so they can faster reach 130%. All payments are instant cashouts
You earn % from purchases on all referral levels, starting from 7% 3% 2% and all forward will earn you 1%
20 tiers ref systemYou can extend your referral levels on up to 20 tiers, and besides that you get $1 worth of BTC in your account at registration. We do hope you enjoy your time here as we will do all in our power to make it as smooth as possible
We decided to be as transparent as possible showing all stats available so nobody have any doubts about what we do and who we are, all earnings are shared 100% our earnings are from referral level purchases, featured advertisements and other features that will be available soon.
Payment processors accepted are Payeer — Advcash — PerfectMoney — Etherum — Bitcoin
And Finally they give you $1 signup bonus
Its fun easy to earn & understand SANOX :-)
Any question relating to my previous program or sanox dont hesitate to ask.
I am looking for marketers and support here, lets make sanox a known program and long term stable program.
Regards Byron Curtis
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